Skin Workshop ࿊ Part of The Resilient Health in Times of Change Online Workshop Series with Myra Avedon & Erik Bendix

June 6, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm America/New York Timezone

Our skin faces out to touch our world and faces in to enfold us in ourselves. It is our boundary and our comfort, the place where we touch and are touched and the threshold where we come to know where we are. 

  • How much are we at home in our own skins? 
  • How can we build trust through touch and learn to open our hands toward the inner movements that show us evidence of healing? 
  • Can we let touch in, even when it is far away?

Skin’s interface between what is inside and outside us is mirrored in both breathing and digestion, where air and food from outside is taken into cavities within. All three interfaces between what is inside and outside are central to our immunity and resilience. Skin also breathes and sheds outward while still holding our sea of inner fluid contained. It is a mother mantle that carries memories of how we lived in fluid before birth. The gentle pliability of our skin now clarifies our outer boundary of self. It is both soft and strong.