Blood Flow Workshop ࿊ Part of The Resilient Health in Times of Change Online Workshop Series with Myra Avedon & Erik Bendix

May 9, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm America/New York Timezone

All our cells and tissues are nourished by our blood flow. The beginning flow of fluid through our cell membranes set the tone for every transition downstream. By embracing transitional flow, we can join and swim with the stream of what gives us resilience, the flow of nourishment that lets us grow. At the core of blood flow lie our heart and kidneys. Our heart dances continually between in and outflow, between closing and opening, between rhythmic activation and pauses for rest in between. How does it feel to balance between these phases? 

Our blood flow is in a continual dance between core and periphery, and between activation and rest. Our kidneys filter our blood to keep it fresh and balanced between fluid intake and output. Our blood moves through its network of rivers and streams to and from every part of us.

Blood circulation also moves in tidal cycles that ebb and flow with our relation to sun and moon and to the planet that holds us. How do the rhythms of flow inside us connect us to our world? How do they connect us within ourselves? What is the flow within our movement that brings us life?