Erik Bendix biography

Erik gets a lesson in 1996 from F.M.Alexander’s niece Marjory Barlow

Erik Bendix is an AmSAT-certified teacher of the Alexander Technique. He trained with Frank Ottiwell, Joan and Alex Murray, and for several months with Walter Carrington. He helped organize the 2001 AmSAT AGM, assisted Vivien Mackie’s work with musicians, and assisted on Vivien and Neil Schapera’s Cincinnati training course for five years. In 2012-13 he helped represent the Technique at the Embodied Mind conferences in Paris and Gargonza, Italy. In 2013-14 he taught Alexander Technique in Taiwan and at Pomona College in California. He is among few teachers trained in both Dart Procedures and Body-Mind Centering®, disciplines that explore how human movement develops. Erik created Ease on Skis, an alpine ski teaching method based on Alexander Technique. Trained as an academic philosopher at Oxford and Princeton, he is a published poet and has taught folk dance worldwide. He lives with his wife in Asheville, North Carolina and credits the Alexander Technique with keeping him vital, flexible, and happy.

What Others Say

Erik uses his vast knowledge of the human body and mind with remarkable sensitivity, skillfully seeing the totality of the person while at the same time zeroing in with acuity to identify and address a presenting problem - an invaluable resource in our community.
Idelle PackerMS, PT, MAmSAT
2003 was a difficult year for me, but everything turned around when I began taking Alexander Technique lessons with Erik Bendix. I had been suffering for months from neck pain that was unresolved by regular physician or chiropractic care. Not only did the neck pain disappear after a couple of lessons with Erik, but I found an unexpected freedom in how my body could move, and my whole outlook on life shifted dramatically for the better. When Erik worked with me, I felt like I could just relax and be myself, letting go of a lifetime of self-judgment and compulsion to be different. I felt a gentle acceptance and safety that allowed me to let go of the excess tension that kept me tied up in knots, causing my neck pain and general unhappiness. I am forever deeply grateful for the work that I experienced from Erik. Without his inspiration and generous spirit, I would not be helping others as an Alexander Technique teacher myself today.
Jennifer Roig-FrancoliMAmSAT, University of Cincinnati
College Conservatory of Music faculty member,
prize-winning violinist, founder of The Art of Freedom for Musicians
As a painter for several decades, I had become painfully 'lopsided' from working at my easel using the dominant hand. Over the course of several sessions, Erik Bendix helped me to regain balance, grounding and peace -- not only in body, but mind and life as well. I sing highest praises of recommendations for what Erik does.
Sally Sweetlandvisual artist
Taking Alexander lessons from him started me on a path which is improving my life in myriad ways; far beyond the issues of back pain I initially began the lessons for….I was able to become mentally freer - I found that my thoughts became more creative, and that I started having ideas and insights about personal issues in my life.
Angela Garcia
Erik showed me that although the problem had something to do with me, the problem was not me.
Dr. Tom Firor
Erik was my first Alexander Technique teacher, starting in 2001. I was so inspired and impressed that in 2006 I joined the teacher training course and was certified in 2009… To this day Erik is my very favorite teacher, and whenever we are in the same city, be that New York, Limerick, or Cincinnati I always go out of my way to get a lesson. Not only are Erik’s hands filled with the magic of the technique; I also love his philosopher’s thoughtfulness and depth of understanding about the how’s and the why’s of our wonderful path.
Ellen BierhorstPh.D., M.AmSAT, A.T.I.
A true Renaissance man, Erik is a dedicated student of life and a masterful teacher, with an astonishing range of gifts and knowledge that will help you reinvent yourself.
Vivien SchaperaMA Psychology, MSAT, author,
founder and co-director of Alexander Technique of Cincinnati
and of Four Winds Academy for the Healing Arts and Sciences
Erik Bendix is truly a gifted teacher, coach, and healer. Under Erik’s gentle guidance, I have enjoyed and physical, psychological, and spiritual insights that have helped me live life with greater vitality, ease, and grace
Randy Siegelbusiness leadership and communications trainer, author
Erik is a friend, colleague, and experienced teacher I deeply appreciate, whom I delight in learning from and collaborating with. He is an extremely caring and attentive person. He listens a lot, speaks with care and his gift lies in observation, embodied knowledge and patience. He creates the space for those he works with to uncover their gifts and roadblocks to work on. He is continuously expanding his own horizons, perspectives, and interests.
Corinne Cassinicellist, professor of the Alexander Technique
at Appalachian State University Hayes School of Music,
AmSAT and ATI certified teacher of the Alexander