What is an Alexander Technique Lesson?

During a typical Alexander Technique lesson, the teacher manually guides you through walking, sitting, standing or lying down, simple acts used to show how to find freedom in any activity. Alexander lessons gently return you to your natural buoyancy, allowing you to expand more fully into who you are, and transforming fixed habits into flexible new responses. Lessons can focus on any activity of interest to the student. The aim of this process is as much to clarify intention as it is to rectify posture, as much to regain freedom of choice as to regain freedom of movement. Body and mind are never separated, nor is the teacher’s process is much different than the student’s. Both work on themselves, and rebound together.

How many lessons to take?

Like any skill, the Alexander Technique takes practice to learn. Plan on 30 lessons to teach you the basics. You will get more out of lessons if you schedule them regularly and not too far apart. My goal as a teacher is to help you learn the skill well enough to use it reliably on your own. The skill applies to all you do, so there are no additional exercises to practice. There is also no need to prepare. Just be punctual and wear comfortable clothing. The applications of the work are endless, so there is no limit to how much there is to learn.

Prices & Policies

Cost: A 60-minute Alexander Technique lesson with Erik Bendix costs $100. A 30-minute lesson costs $50. Lesson times include arriving and leaving. Please set aside quiet time for yourself after you leave.

Recommended: I recommend buying a package of 24 hours of lessons spread over 6 months, with your choice of whether to book an hour or two half-hours per week. If you commit to this package, I’ll commit the last 4 hours of it to you free of charge.

Bonuses: You get a free lesson each time you send me a new student.

Gift certificates:  Gift certificates are available at the same prices as lessons.

Financial need:  Please talk to me if you want lessons but think you can’t afford them.

Consultations:  Please talk to me before starting a course of lessons or any time you have trouble in the lessons themselves.  Consultations with me are always free of charge.

Cancellation:  Please call me at (828) 450-1670 if you need to cancel, since I may not check my e-mail in time. You will not be charged if you let me know 24 hours in advance or cancel due to sudden emergency. Otherwise, you pay the normal charges. If I need to cancel on short notice I owe you a free lesson.

Being on time:  If you are 15 minutes late I will call you; after that you risk giving up your appointment.

Dress: Please do not wear restrictive clothing to lessons. This includes tight belts, tight pants or jeans, and tight collars. Skirts and dresses are awkward for doing table work. You are welcome to bring looser clothing to change into.

Ethics: I am proud of the ethical standards of my work and happy to provide copies of the professional codes of ethics I adhere to. I know this work requires trust. If your trust has been shaken in any way, I may not know unless you tell me. Please keep me well informed about your experience.

I am honored by your choice to work with me and grateful for the chance to work with you.

Erik teaching Alexander Technique in Taiwan